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You may have seen our recent progress on the Ward 6 garden at Grantham and District Hospital in the Grantham Journal or on BBC East Midlands Today. If not read on for a brief update of where the money GROW has raised this year is going.

Completed planting scheme in the Ward 6 Garden

The recent wet weather may have been causing havoc on the roads and in the towns but it has been fantastic news for the new planting scheme in our Ward 6 garden.

With the hard landscaping completed at the end of August, we had to wait until Autumn to put the plants in to avoid any last minute heat waves having diverse effects on their health.

One sunny Tuesday in mid-October was the perfect time to get the job done! Fortunately (for us) it was dry for the big planting day followed by many, many, many rainy days to water it all in and give the soil a good chance to settle around the roots before the onset of early morning frosts.

Lots of plants to get in!

Lots of plants to get in!

The team worked their socks off to get in 300 plants and 500 bulbs but the result come spring next year will be well worth all of the effort! Flowering shrubs, perennials and grasses will give scent, texture and movement with something to see all year long.

We can't wait to see patients, visitors and staff making the most of this garden (when the weather finally improves!)

The garden is scheduled for an official opening in May 2020 when it will be in full glorious bloom! Watch this space…

Completed planting scheme Ward 6 garden

For more information on how you can help with our next project visit our JustGiving page.

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On 20th October, John and Judy Tinsley have kindly offered to open their magnificent arboretum to view the wonderful rich autumnal colours for the first time.

The 10-acre garden has over 250 species of trees, a 150 of which are spring flowering cherries revealing their unusual rich colours. The garden is beautifully designed with paths that gently lead to a tranquil lake.

A new sunken lavender walk has been created to join the house to an avenue of Prunus. There is also a seating area with a view of a striking horse sculpture. Why the horse? John and Judy’s increasing thirst for unusual trees meant the horse paddocks had to make way. As John says “It seemed a fitting tribute”.

Sequoiadendron giganteum Pendulum

One of the most striking specimens is a pair of trees that look more like two ostriches having a conversation than members of the giant redwood family .

However, the real show stoppers for this time of year include the Sweetgum Liquidamber stryraciflua ‘Lane Roberts’, whose leaves turn a magnificent blood red; the Red Maple, Acer Rubrum; another bright red specimen, together with a beautiful purple unnamed variety bought by Judy’s father; and Euonymous europaeus red cascade and the Tulip tree Liriodendron tulipifera which turns an incredible butter yellow.

Please come and see John and Judy’s garden – a walk outside amongst these beautiful trees gives a feeling of wellbeing, which is exactly what our hospital gardens do for patients .

There will be a wonderful collection of cakes and hot cup of tea at the end of your walk.

The Garden opens from 2 – 5pm on 20th October 2019.

Garden entrance is £5.00 which includes your raffle ticket to win a Prunus 'Tai Haku', (The Great White Cherry).

The garden is situated on the B1188, Lincoln to Branston Road, next to a sign marked 'Tinsley Farms' 203 Lincoln Rd, Branston, Lincoln LN4 1NS.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Dominic Parczuk who handed me an envelope full of money for G.R.O.W. Not only was this a lovely surprise to receive such a large donation but meeting Dominic was a delight.

Curiously, our paths had already crossed……

A great friend of mine and supporter of G.R.O.W. showed me paintings he had had commissioned of his garden. He told me the artist had found it a challenge to capture the splendour of the flowering cherries – which intrigued me - as it is nye on impossible to capture their brilliance in a photograph!

So yes you guessed it – Dominic was that artist!

This wasn't the picture but gives you an idea, and shows the incredible movement of Dominc's style!

Originally from Lincoln, Dominic is a violinist as well as an artist and is currently artist in residence at Doddington Hall – he will be a master of the cherries when they come into blossom next spring!

However, there were indeed more connections with G.R.O.W. Dominic teaches as well as his other commitments and taught our own Sally Kelway. Learning to paint with oils over the last two years, Sally was an enthusiastic member who really enjoyed her art. She was unable the attend the session when Dominic was demonstrating how to paint sunsets. So he kindly gifted her the painting; but sadly Sally passed away the following week.

This beautiful painting was raffled during Dominic’s exhibition at Doddington and raised £541.50. Thank you so very much Dominic for your very kind gesture to Sally. We are hugely appreciative at G.R.O.W.

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