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Artist grows donations

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Dominic Parczuk who handed me an envelope full of money for G.R.O.W. Not only was this a lovely surprise to receive such a large donation but meeting Dominic was a delight.

Curiously, our paths had already crossed……

A great friend of mine and supporter of G.R.O.W. showed me paintings he had had commissioned of his garden. He told me the artist had found it a challenge to capture the splendour of the flowering cherries – which intrigued me - as it is nye on impossible to capture their brilliance in a photograph!

So yes you guessed it – Dominic was that artist!

This wasn't the picture but gives you an idea, and shows the incredible movement of Dominc's style!

Originally from Lincoln, Dominic is a violinist as well as an artist and is currently artist in residence at Doddington Hall – he will be a master of the cherries when they come into blossom next spring!

However, there were indeed more connections with G.R.O.W. Dominic teaches as well as his other commitments and taught our own Sally Kelway. Learning to paint with oils over the last two years, Sally was an enthusiastic member who really enjoyed her art. She was unable the attend the session when Dominic was demonstrating how to paint sunsets. So he kindly gifted her the painting; but sadly Sally passed away the following week.

This beautiful painting was raffled during Dominic’s exhibition at Doddington and raised £541.50. Thank you so very much Dominic for your very kind gesture to Sally. We are hugely appreciative at G.R.O.W.

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