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GROW reaches its first target

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

First and foremost this is a blog to thank everyone who has been involved with the charity 'Gardens Restore our Wellbeing' so far. Over the last seven months you have helped us to raise over £7,000. Put together with an extraordinary donation of £9,500 from the League of Friends of Grantham Hospital, our grand total is now over £16,500, sufficient to create the first garden!

Our most recent 'Open Gardens' event was a huge success and raised a staggering £750! Thank you to all who came and donated their money, cakes and time: we couldn't have done it with out you.

In other news, we are now officially charity registered with The Charity Commission and our license with the NHS has been finalised. Work on the first garden at Ward 6 Grantham & District Hospital is due to start 22nd July.

Stay tuned for progress updates...

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