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Outpatients outreach...

Whilst the north wind does blow GROW has been busy behind the scenes.

Happily we are well underway towards our next project, a resting garden adjacent to Outpatients in Grantham Hospital. Under their own initiative, and long before GROW was around, Outpatients staff were busy making their own improvements to a neglected eye sore outside their waiting room.

Elaine and her team in Outpatients have been busy raising money over the last couple of years for a garden, and have already built raised flower beds to hide some of the uninspiring weeds. But they need serious help!

Many of us have spent time in outpatients waiting for a diagnosis or answers to anxious questions. How much nicer it would be if patients could sit outside in a calm garden, enjoy a cup of tea, and relax in a peaceful environment rather than in a grey and gloomy waiting room.

The design for the garden uses tall ornamental grasses to create divisions which will provide both secluded areas and special places for Mediterranean planting with lavender and Rosemary, a reminder of quiet summer days. How much better would that be before our blood pressure test!

The design has been sent to landscapers to get quotes to find out exactly how much money we need to raise. The difficulty with this project is that the garden is right in the middle of the hospital so all materials will have to be taken through by hand and this means the work must take place at weekends.

But thanks to donations and help from many GROW supporters we already have £10,000 in the pot. We would love it if you could tell friends about our projects so we can spread the word and raise more funds to build many more gardens in the hospital

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