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Ward 6 in bloom

After 10 weeks in lockdown and my trips to Grantham hospital out of bounds, I visited the garden with some trepidation.

Martin and I weeded it the Saturday before lockdown so hopefully it wouldn't be too bad!.

We planted the garden last autumn, so at least it had had time to settle in and plenty of wet weather over the winter. But from March onwards there wasn’t a drop of rain for weeks, just very hot sunshine… then a horrendous late frost... followed by ferocious winds!

Well I'm thrilled... look at these

Good old Geranium Rozanne looking great.

and Allium Giganteum as statuesque as ever!

Salvia caradonna with her elegant black stems and brilliant blue flowers

But this is my favourite - the wildlife have discovered the garden...

Ward 6 was closed down during COVID, so the garden hasn’t been used very much, but as ULHT are now implementing 'back to business' plans - we should soon see it helping patients recover and our staff for their wellbeing.

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