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GROW's successful beginning tinged with sadness

"Adopt a Garden" was initiated in 2018, and after months of negotiations it became clear that substantial funds would be necessary to make the project succeed. Subsequently Gardens Restore Our Wellbeing was launched. We quickly realised suitable trustees would be required to make the gardens a reality.

Sally Kelway, a passionate gardener, client and good friend had extensive experience of fundraising, having already saved her local Caythorpe church with lottery funding. I couldn’t think of anyone better to help us.

I emailed Sally about our cause who replied by return and said she would love to help; but could it be from the sidelines at the moment as she was undergoing some treatment – shockingly, Sally died a week later.

I was touched to hear that Sally’s family had chosen G.R.O.W. as a recipient for funeral donations and completely overwhelmed when Sally's wonderful family and friends raised a staggering £2,217.55.

On behalf of G.R.O.W. and all the patients and staff who will benefit from these gardens. Thank you so much Sally, Tim, Anna and Jack, we are very grateful and this donation fuels our determination to go on and build many more gardens.

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